Fraud, Deceptions, And Downright Lies About Islam Exposed

IslamIn 1985, I traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to be hired as project accountant. I worked for an organization engaged in trading large emergency generators (500 to 1000 KVA) installations and spare parts, projects for Airport and airfield lighting installations, and residential electrical connection installations. In this company, I dealt with Saudis, Britons, French, Germans, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians as well as other Asian nationals.

Yes, I am a Muslim. Yes, I am a Pakistani. I am satisfied with my religion, my race and my country. I have written about British Imperialism; I have discussing US Imperialism. But today, I am going to come up with the ignorance and weaknesses inside Muslim world itself. Why? Because we, the Muslims, cannot improve until we look more intense into ourselves and have a self-critique, which till today, we have been shy to do so. Yes, our ancestors were great people. They were great thinkers, excellent preachers, meticulous teachers, first-rate scientists, admirable healers, thorough explorers, fabulous leaders, splendid warriors and even more importantly, God-fearing humans. Some of them did make mistakes plus some did cross the line. But to err is human. And there may also be black sheep in most community during every age group. Overall, their mettle and talents were recognized by all over the world time.

She mentioned the contests in certain Islamic countries the location where the male dominated societies had regressed if this located freedom for females. We see this in Iran as everything has regressed while using Islamic Fundamentalist leaders, and she or he mentioned the issues of the Wahabi Brand of Islam in Saudi Arabia. In most, Islamic Nations women don’t have at the freedom as they do in the United States and also other Western Nations, then when women of Islam proceed to Western States they may be in immediate culture shock using their new found freedoms, so it needs a while to modify.

However, at the outset of 2011, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi re-opened the implementation of Non-interest banking, popularly called Islamic Banking, which has been initially introduced by his predecessor as the verifiable tools to revive the negatively skewed economy. According to Wikipedia, Worlds free encyclopedia, “interest-free banking seems to be very recent origin whereby a functional partner receives a greater profit share compared to a sleeping (non-working) partner” What this simply means is the two banks and investors (working partner) would get a greater profit share from a certain business transaction. One would ask, would this build auto increase of the country to practiced in United Kingdom, Malaysia, etc? Definitely, it could build the fortunes of our own economy but exactly how we go about it is exactly what is technically wrong. Please read Business day online of 29th June, 2011 for more explanation. The CBN Governor gets the to certainly mention the advantages of any product or scheme the apex bank is rolling out, but attaching many religious sentiments than professional cum economic gains, would sway the country to your very rough edge.

As long as our embassies stay with their soil they’ll also become a target every now and then just as our fastfood restaurants as well as other things which represent the Western world will likely remain targets with the more radical elements within those regions. We should expect that. This is not the 1st time that particular in our embassies has been attacked, nor could it be the past. I find it rather odd that the Obama Administration felt just as if they were caught off guard by all of this, since they surely must have seen the writing about the wall and gotten better intelligence.

When Islam emerged inside 7th century, there were many calendars in use all around the world. Most of them were solar, many of them were lunar along with the lunisolar ones. All of them unlike 2010 calendar or 2011 calendar are created and implemented in several civilizations inside the world. Significantly every one of them had different starting dates called as epochs. This inconsistency among various calendars eventually became a problem for young Muslims. They did start to fight to consistently record various dates specially those on documents and correspondences inside the fast-rising Muslim world.

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